Building Bardo In Public

Giving back to the community – by sharing learnings and insights while building a product and company.

If there’s one thing that helped me a lot since I became self-employed and started building my own products then it’s people who shared their knowledge in public.  Even though sometimes it feels like you are the first with a specific problem, most of the time there has been someone before you with a similar problem.

I can remember a Video in which someone mentioned that we not only should seek role models who do what we want to become, but also people who failed. Not to follow their path without thinking, but to see what didn’t work. Most of the time people who stopped working on a problem or idea are willing to share what they learned on their way.

The basic idea of Bardo is learning for the future. Based on your past experience it’s a no-brainer to do exactly this in public. I’ve built and helped to build products for almost a decade now. One thing that always helped most was talking to the people who use the thing you came up with. That’s why I want to share learnings along the way and give back to the community.

Depending on who you ask building in public can mean different things. At this point I think of this:

  • Product -> The how what and why. Learnings based on conversations, how I shape the product and strategy.
  • Tech -> Learnings about tech, what worked and what didn't.
  • Company -> Goals, culture, values. Bardo is here to stay, grow and evolve.
  • Learnings -> Yeah, learnings.