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Fullstack Engineer

We’re building productivity tools that bring clarity into uncertainty.

About the job

As a Fullstack Engineer at Bardo, you help us building a tool which enables customers to manage and estimate their projects easier and more accurate.

We heavily focus on bringing clarity into uncertainty.
If you ever had to “guesstimate” a task or project you’ll know how hard it can be to scope something.

You work closely with Product, Design and Development.
We’re a 100% remote and 100% bootstrapped company.

The product

Bardo is a smart project & task management tool built for teams and individuals. We focus on removing uncertainty and streamlining work while building products.
If you'd like to sign up and try before applying, you can do that here.

There’s a lot on our roadmap, so lots of things you could work on. Including: Recommendations, Search, Integrations/Importers (Jira/Trello, Asana, …).  

The team

Okay, we is in fact “I”. But with you it’s “we”, right?
I’m Kevin from Austria, I have a strong product/design and tech background. I help teams launching awesome products and projects for 10 years already.
Besides me, there are other awesome people who help with design, business, product and tech.

The role

“We all wear a lot of hats” sounds like the generic startup lingo. While it’s true you will touch a lot of different parts of the product, we’ll make sure you can focus on what you do best.

Coming from designing products, one of the mantras is “ship early, ship often”. Good products don’t happen by accident, they need shaping - they also don’t pop up in silos, which is why communication and insights are important to Bardo as a company and product.

We’re all constantly learning new things, so don’t be afraid of touching new technology, methods, ways of working or tools.

The tech stack

Bardo currently runs on Laravel in the backend and Vue.js in the frontend.
We’re looking for someone who can build:

• APIs via Laravel
• and Vue-Components consuming the API

Experience with both is a plus, although we know that requirements are always an ideal. We'll replace technologies in the stack when necessary.
It’s fine if just some of it applies to you, we would still like to hear from you. We’re humans, so we also love to meet other humans.

About you

• You care about users.
• You are curious about new things, whether it be technology, methods or ways of working.
• You care about design and details.
• You’re self-organising and fine with async communication.
• You are used to shipping or want to make it a habit.

About compensation

Since Bardo is a 100% bootstrapped company the way we do employment at the moment might be very atypical. We’re trying hard to come up with a model that enables you to work on things you love in a sustainable way for the company where everyone involved can profit by having equity.

At the moment we have no full-time employees. Everyone works as a contractor.
If equity is an option for you, we can talk about that too.

What’s next?

If you like what you read, we’re excited to talk to you!
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